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Lucky Guys

How does it works?

Sign in with Steam and go to profile

Enter a trade url

Add credit

Open cases for the best prices


I opened the case, but the object does not come, what's happening?!

Open your profile and click the link "To take" on the object you are interested in.

When I want to take object off the Bot , I receive a mistake: " Unfortunately, our bot couldn't send your object..."

Bot can't send you the object in the following: You have the exchange blocked ( you entered from the new appliance, changed the password or e-mail recently, changed the security settings Steam Guard, have the VAC-ban, etc. More..... in order to avoid such problems in future, always recommend to check your trade status at special page csho.tm. You have inventory hidden in the privacy settings Steam Check your trade link in the profile and in the settings Steam - they have to coincide Bot has the problems with the Steam connection, it may happens andd very often, the problem is in the Steam, it's not our problem. Also bot can be banned, in this case you have to adress to technical support ([email protected]) If you don't take your object during one hour, the whole price of this object acording to it's price at the Steam market.

I can't open the cases, it is indicated the mistake " At the moment bot doesnt have the object for the case choosen. Try to do it later."

For the real random, cases/categories must always contain ALL the objects in it, which are listed at the page of the case/categor. Bots don't have enough time to buy all necessary things in the time needed or some necessary objects for this case are absent at the market now.

Filled the account, but money doesn't appear. What to do?

Money can appear in some time - wait an hour. If money not appeared more than in an hour write to us ([email protected]),indicating the whole information of the payment.

I have money at Steam account but they are not indicated here. Why?

Steam account money are not valid here at this site. To fill the balance it is needed separately.

Can't enter the site through Steam, the page with the cases is not loading, there is an advertisement in the centre of the page , and in general site is not working good, what to do?

May be the problem is in antivirus, which can block the conection with the site, or the problem is in a browser, which shows the advertisement also can block the connection with the site.